Question and Answer Yeepeng Lanna International

Q1.Who is the organization for Yeepeng Lanna International Event ?

Duangtawan Santiparp Foundation, a non profit organization, organized Yeepeng Lanna International Event on the 30th November 2012 at Tudongkhasathan Lanna ( the site of annual festival at Sansai District in Chiang Mai Province). The Foundation's main vision and activities are to promote meditation, to lead a happy way of life, and to encourage culture of morality. Also Yeepang Lanna has been created to serve the purpose of promoting meditation practice and also ancient Lanna culture.

Q2. What is the difference between event on the 24th Nov. and the 30th Nov. ?

Both 2 events will take place at Tudongkhasathan Lanna.

- However, the annual festival of Tudongkhasathan Lanna will be held on the 24th Nov 2012. It is reserved for merit makers offering retreat wardrope for the monks and continue with mass floating lanterns and is not planned for foreign guests. On the 30th Nov, 2012, it is 2nd Yeepeng Lanna International which is organized by Duangtawan Santiparb Foundation to promote meditation practice and Lanna culture . It is managed to offer more privacy than 24th Nov., and has been prepared specially for the foreign guests . The MC will announce all orders in English to make sure that foreign guests can most enjoy the event.
Each guest per seat will receive the following services:
1. Round-trip transportation from Imperial Mae Ping Hotel to the venue
2. Traditional Lanna dinner provided in a to-go box
3. 1 floating lantern
4. One flower raft or krathong
5. Souvenirs such as seating mat and Lanna scraf

Q3. What time does the event start ?

16.00 – 17.00 for Registration
17.30 for Lanna Folk Performance
Please come to the venue at the stated time in order to avoid traffic problems because it is the festival of Loy Kratong and mostly crowded every year.

Q4. Can I buy the ticket at the venue ?

No, we don't accommodate walk-in facility at the venue, thus the tickets are available only on the website until 28th Nov, 2012 . Please reserve through this channel.

Q5. Can I take the pictures in the area ?

Yes, you can take photos everywhere but please beware that you can’t enter the monks' area in the center of the ceremony. If you are a professional photographer , please bring your media credential to show us and fill in the registration form at the event venue. The location of registered photographers has been arranged at least to let them have good pictures as desired but also to meet our purpose to keep them not too wandering of which may disturb other guests view.

6. Is there anyone help me to release the lantern ?

Yes, of course, we have volunteers at each corner of the area. You will meet new friends over there, they will certainly help you to release the lantern.

Q7. Can the children under age of 10 years old join the event ?

The children under age of 10 years old can join the event but, however, we don’t recommend . Once the festival is at peak, the venue will be fully lightened with flame. We claim reserved right of not responsible for any risk of injury from flame caused by negligence.

Q8. What is the recommended dress for the event ?

Dress code : Recommend traditional northern Lanna style . Sleevless shirt , short or see-through clothing are considered not proper. No worry about providing traditional northern Lanna dress because we prepare a traditional Lanna scraf for you.

Q9. What can I expect from “Yeepeng Lanna International” ?

You will savor the sight of warm smiles and hospitality of northern Lanna people, and have a chance to dine delicious northern cuisine known as “Kantok” while enjoying traditional lanna performances. Then you will find yourself captivated by the picturesque scene of thousands of floating lanterns glittering the evening sky. The highlight is, you will enjoy stopping your mind under the full moon while you can reflect love, kindness and peace within you and also to the people all over the world.

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