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DuangtawanSantiparp Foundation

Duang Tawan Santiparb Foundation foresees the significance in developing life quality of people, so we cooperate with Pandit Lanna Association to run a charity project that creates promising hill tribe leaders who are female graduates (Tawan Bon Doi Project).

Thai hill tribe youths who live in the high elevation mountain areas are mostly in the remote area where formal education system is not available. This results them to live their lives without proper knowledge and ethics. Consequently, many national problems occur such as deforestation, drug and human trafficking. We can say that, without strong and uncompromising supports on their education,the Thai hill tribe may not be able to achieve good life quality and prone to illegal activities which affect the society as well as national security.

Due to the aforesaid reason, Pandit Lanna Association has joined hand in hand with the Regional Buddhist Missionary Program to launch the project to create hill tribe leaders who are female graduates or Tawan BonDoi Project in order to provide educational opportunity to female hill tribe youths and produce more teachers who are capable of teaching academic knowledge and morality at local mountain schools. This will lessen the problem of teacher shortage at mountain schools because the female graduates will be encouraged to return to their home in order to develop their community in term of both academic and ethical aspects for the benefit of hill tribes’ careers and community development and strengthening furthermore.

In order to raise fund for our charitable activities, the organizing committee which includes the Duang Tawan Santiparb Foundation, Pandit Lanna Association, and
Dhudongkasatan Lanna or Lanna Meditation Sanctuary will organize Yee Peng Lanna International for the second time in 2555 BE (2012) in order to proceed our
income to Tawan Bon Doi Project.

The organizing committee would like to show our deep appreciation to all honorable guests who kindly assist us in educating female hill tribe youths and generously make donation to support the project by buying tickets to attend Yeepeng Lanna International 2012.

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